Hakomi is a somatic (or body-centered) psychotherapy modality developed on Taoist principles that is elegant in its simplicity and effectiveness.

Hakomi sessions help shift us out of our busy minds and into our bodies. They are experiential, so we are not simply talking about things, but exploring them on a cellular level, as they are showing up in this moment now.

This allows a level of insight and authenticity that is both nurturing and exciting.

When we are present and connected with all parts of ourselves, we can tap into the underlying patterns and beliefs that affect our experience of the world. Sometimes these beliefs and patterns can hold us back from the life and relationships that we want.

Research shows that deep and lasting changes occur when we slow down and allow ourselves to explore from a place of compassion and non-judgment. 

Image by Ian Brownlee

Image by Ian Brownlee

My Experience

Somatic counseling and mind-body connection is an integral part of my approach as a therapist.

I completed the comprehensive two-year training of the Hakomi method in Berkeley, California. I have continued my training by serving as a teaching assistant for weekend-long Hakomi trainings in California and North Carolina.

In my years of practice, I’ve found it to be deeply nourishing and highly effective with therapists and caring souls, helping them feel more at-ease, fulfilled, and confident.

Hakomi Online

Hakomi can be effectively used in online counseling. Though there are a few limitations to online Hakomi counseling, the method can be just as effective whether we are together in a room or connecting at a distance.