You are a tender soul. You see the beauty in the world that others miss. You feel things deeply, maybe sometimes more deeply than you’d like. The world affects you more strongly than it does others. You get your feelings hurt easily. Maybe you feel overwhelmed by things like busyness, loud noises, or large groups. Sometimes it feels almost like you don’t have skin to protect you from everything that’s coming in.

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Being a caring soul in this world can be challenging. You’re up against a culture that values productivity and workaholism, that decries weakness, that devalues stillness.

As a caring soul, when you don’t get the rest you need, don’t have space to process your feelings, or feel like there’s no room or space for you because there is so much that needs to be done, so much hurt in the world, you can become tangled in your own thoughts and feelings, and it’s hard to see straight.

Maybe you get mad and resentful at the people around you. Maybe you turn that anger in on yourself. Maybe you do both!

Yes, you can care for yourself!

The best way to improve your daily life and improve the care you give to yourself and others is to slow down and get someone kind to help.

My approach is heart-based and somatic (or body-centered), which focuses on moving the attention from our heads down into our bodies, where we can connect with more wisdom and peace than is possible in our thinking minds alone.

Somatic therapy is great for caring souls because it is slow and gentle. It helps our systems to feel more safe and relaxed over time, creating subtle changes in our nervous system that have long-lasting impact.

There is hope

There’s absolutely no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed by all the feelings that you’re having. Feelings are an important part of a healthy life!

Having compassion for ourselves may be hard, but with help, we can learn new ways of relating to ourselves and to the world that are refreshing and energizing.

We will make space for YOU, so that you can feel more free to be the beautiful, creative, caring soul that you were born to be.

Getting support is courageous.

Header image by Ian Brownlee