Creative expression is a holistic therapy modality that integrates the use of expressive arts as a tool for connecting with your innate wisdom.

Using art in therapy helps to integrate the disparate parts of ourselves and to envision new ways of being. It supports a greater sense of creativity and vitality.

What to expect

In our sessions, we may use visual arts, like paints, pastels, collages, or earth art. We may incorporate language and writing, such as poetry, journaling, or word association. We might bring in movement, from subtle gestures and postures to expressive movement or dance.

Creating pieces in therapy is not about the finished product or meeting any societal standards of beauty or value. You will not be judged by the works you do. Creative expressions is about the process, about self-discovery and insight, and allowing space for our non-analytical brain to have a voice and to share its wisdom.


My experience

My relationship with creativity has been an important part of both my professional and personal journey.

I specialized in Creative Expressions at part of my Master’s program at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology. I love how profound and effective this modality can be in my work with clients.

My own creativity practices include writing, music, visual arts, ceramics, and dance. I have worked as a professional potter and pottery instructor in the Asheville area, and have facilitated individual and group creativity processes and experiences.

Online Counseling

Expressive arts can be used online!

If you are interested in using creative expression in online sessions, we will discuss in our consultation how to ensure you have access to the proper materials. I can provide a materials list or can create an expressive arts kit to mail to you for roughly the cost of materials and shipping.

Header image by Ian Brownlee