Research shows that spending time in nature has measurable positive effects on our mental and physical wellbeing. Science is finally proving what many of us have known for a long time: when we connect with the natural world, we feel better.

In ecotherapy, we weave this powerful resource of the natural world into our counseling work to bring potent healing and restoration.

Reconnect with the earth

Many of us feel frustrated and overwhelmed with the demands and structures of modern life, which seem to distance us from the earth and leave us feeling disconnected, tired, and spiritually hungry.

Ecotherapy is effective and nourishing. By focusing on our present felt experience with an attitude of mindfulness and curiosity in the natural world, we open the doors for understanding and real change to occur.

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My Experience

My love for the natural world and for helping people connect with the earth is a fundamental value in my life and vocation as a therapist and healer.

I have worked as an ecotherapy counselor and group facilitator in North Carolina and in the Bay Area, and have found it to be some of my most fulfilling work.

Does ecotherapy have to be outside?

Ecotherapy can be effective and rich regardless of where or how we meet.

It may be woven into counseling sessions differently if we are in nature than if we are meeting in the office or online. However, the tools and practices of ecotherapy will serve as an important part of our work together, regardless of location.